Have you heard of interesting tones or music when you are on a telephone call and asked to wait? Music on hold is the musical tone, which you hear when you are put on hold during a call. Different companies opt for different kinds of music for their customers. Playing popular music also helps to bring in more customers. Having music on hold can be entertaining for the customers as well. This helps to attract more customers. It is a very good option when compared to subjecting the customers to silence. Listening to silence especially during prolonged periods of holding the call can be irritating as well as boring. Some companies though offer their products to the market instead of music on hold during a call. This can be annoying to the customers who call and prefer to listen something soothing rather than commercial advertisements. Many companies get this music on hold on a license. This means that the company has bought the music or the instrumental tone and holds the license to play on the telephone. One can also find companies which handle the entire licensing for the client company when it comes to buying music on hold.

Media Messages specialises in high quality telephone on hold messages and on hold music productions for small to large corporations world wide aswell as the latest digital message equipment. More and more people are realising the potential this cost effective marketing tool can have in gaining new customers. Messages on hold and music on hold can advertise and cross promote your products and services, up sell, educate and more importantly create an image that lets your callers know you are leading the way in your industry.

Music On Hold and Messages On Hold are powerful marketing tools that create a professional image and inform your callers about important aspects of your business that they may not have been aware of prior to calling.

To demonstrate just what you could be projecting to your customers with messages on hold through your telephone system we will script, record and mix your very own custom on hold message absolutely free of charge.